*This Story Was Sent To Me Privately*

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*This Story Was Sent To Me Privately*

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:20 pm

The last 2 years I've been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder, moderate depression and borderline personality disorder. For the first year it was undiagnosed. The second year was a matter of finding the right therapy and medication to help me cope through a day that would be deemed basic to everyone else. The first 6 months I refused to admit I was struggling, distracted myself with work but slowly withdrew from social interactions. The next 6 months I had to leave work and wouldn't go anywhere alone. 6 months further I couldn't leave my bedroom alone, I withdrew from close friends, family and my wife. When I started getting help, it opened my eyes to who my real friends were, who in my family truly cared. The thing that hurt the most was realising my wife resented me and hated dealing with me, mentally abused me to the point I had to end our 8 year relationship so I could focus on getting better. I realised my dad didn't wanna help or support me and the last 6 months since being surrounded by my mum, brother, grandparents and two close friends. I'm coming back out of my shell pushing myself into more social situations and getting ready to go back to studying to gain skills in the trade I want to pursue as a career. Without the support I have now, without reaching out for help and opening up about how I was feeling I wouldn't be here now and without those that are there for me now, I'd still be in a mentally abusive mentally draining relationship stuck in my bedroom.


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