Why I made this forum...

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Why I made this forum...

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:58 pm

The reason I am writing this (and hopefully the reason you are reading it), is to show people that although ANY condition can make you feel invisible, you are in fact surrounded by other people in similar circumstances.

This is becoming harder and harder. Which just goes to show how hard it is. Here I am doing my damnedest to 'vocalize' and get everything out in the open... yet ive never felt more alone and scared in all of my life. It often seems that everything is pointless.

Im a 27 year old man, living at home with my mum and dad. No money. No job or future job prospects. Driving is but a pipe dream for many years. I will be honest internet... I see very slim chance of carrying on over to the next day. My common mindset is, its just more of the same? Another roughly 12 hours of being a wake... counting down the seconds I can go back to sleep... rinse and repeat.

I hope, I PRAY that somebody, anybody, that thinks this sounds familiar feels comfortable enough to share their story.

Thankyou x


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